Monday, July 20, 2009


I really don't like introductions but here goes mines anyways. So my name is Anne last name not needed. But anyways I would prefer you to call me Purple. YES I am a virgin. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT. I certainly don't have any plans on giving it away to someone who doesn't give two sh*ts about me. No I'm not celibate. I am very mature for my age. I am single LOVE is just something I know about but I have never actually experience. BOYS ARE CONFUSING. I reside in Florida in this lame town. Trust me you DO NOT WANT TO LiVE HERE. There is not even a Mall where I live. I will be graduating from high school in 2011. I am not sure what kind of career I want to pursue. But I want to be successful and blessed. Rich too. I want to get baptized before I graduate from High School. I want to move to New York after I graduate from college. There is NOTHING for me to do where I live. I am not like every other girl. I am different, unique, classy, creative, a real cool personality. I would like to call myself DYVERSE. Nothing wrong with being different from the crowd. I refuse to fit in. When I die I want to leave this earth know that I have change someones life around for the better, had got married and had children. AND that I was sent down on Earth for a reason. I want to join God in his Kingdom but not until 70 or 80 years from now. LOL. I might sound religious but I am not. I am not perfect. I'm only human. I make mistakes and sin just like every other human. Its just a big part of being a human.

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