Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Closet finds: Blue Blazer

So there is a little story behind this blazer, I've had this blazer for a long time now since middle school I think (I'm in my second year of college now). My mom gave me this blazer and another blazer which is maroon and I still don't like it. At first when my mom gave me the blazer I wasn't a fan it was too big and I had nothing to where it with, plus I thought blazers where for grown women so I never wore it. Okay so back to present day. I was cleaning out my closet a few months ago and I found it in my closet again this time I tried it on, it felt a little bit too small for me but I fell in love with the blazer. But I had to take the shoulder pads off.     I am so happy that I have a cute new blazer to add to my collection. Ignore my goofiness.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recent buys

Frank Ocean album came out a while ago and I HAD to buy it and so far I love the album. I also bought a new belt that is neon green and I bought a pair of jeans that were originally priced at $49.50 at Pacsun for $10.59. The boots where from Pacsun too and I got them for free since it was a buy one get on free sale.

Shame on me!

I have neglected my blog too many times, but hey I'M BAAAACK! where did I go? No where actually, I've just been really lazy but I am TRYING my best to do a post as much as possible!!
Here are some sets I've styled myself on polyvore. Enjoy and leave a comment!