Tuesday, August 18, 2009



So anyone who has been checking out Bowwow Twitter was waiting for a big announcement. I knew it was going to be something stupid. Then on Monday morning I find out that the Lame pop star rapper go signed to Cash Money. I was like WATDAFUX. I thought this nigga retired from rapping. This sucka nigga was try to pull a sucka move. Making people buy his album thinking that it was going to be his last. I obviously didn't buy his album. I am NOT a fan of Bowwow, I like some of his music but I am not a fan. Yeah he is cute but he IS COCKY ASS HELL. If he wasn't so DAMN COCKY I would like him a little bit more. I think that Lil Wayne was High when he signed Bowwow. & One more last though just because he is signed to Cash Money doesn't mean that his album sales will increase.

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  1. omarion was signed to cash money as well but he was dropped...i dont like lil wayne or bow wow because i dont like the way they rap