Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dear Dad,

Dear Dad, so where do I start their is just some much to say/write. Right now your giving me the cold shoulder & to be honest you need to grow UP. Yes I said it grow up. You are mad at me because I talk back to you. Nigga ARE YOU SERIOUS?? It is a NEW YEAR & you are acting immature for your age. Ignoring won't get you no where. The only thing you say to me is Hi & Good morning b/c I said it first. I am GROWING UP. Something you should be doing. You are mainly mad b/c i go against of half of what you say. You think that you are ALWAYS RIGHT. BUT GUESS WHAT YOUR NOT. YOU CAN'T BE RIGHT ALL THE TIME. You want me to say Yes daddy to everything. You don't give me a chose on barely anything. Why b/c you run shit. Well that is no longer going to happen anymore.You are not running me.I might be young but I am NOT NAIVE. You say I am disrespectful & I have a dirty/slick mouth. I have never cursed you out. You always what me to listen; but you never listen to me. You want me to respect you but where is my respect. Just because you are the adult doesn't mean you can't respect me. See respect works BOTH ways. You make me do EVERYTHING. You might as well put me on a pay roll for all this damn work. I am not the little girl you use to boss around. I have a mind of my own now.I am going to say what I have to say I don't mind doing chores around the house. But I am not doing all of it. I can't say that you are a bad parent b/c you have been there for me since day one. I am not asking you to change. B/c you've have been the same person for 65 years & for me to tell to change would be crazy. I am just asking you to improve. Treat me more like a daughter then a maid. YOU ALWAYS LOOK AT PEOPLE PROBLEMS. WHY WON'T YOU FIX YOUR OWN. YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE SO PERFECT & RIGHT. BUT YOU ARE NOT. All I want from you is Love & Respect. That is all. But if you continue to push me away like two of our other kids that YOU. But I am nothing like them. If you are going to ignore me that is okay with me. B/c you annoy me anyways. So you do what you are doing walk around the house as if I don't exists. Because one day I won't be here & you will miss me and it will be to late to fix things. I will be on my own. I am not mad at you YOU ARE MAD AT ME. Just remember that. I am not ignoring you YOU ARE IGNORING. REAL MATURE DAD.

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