Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year's is coming up!

2011 is almost over with and to be honest this year was pretty good thanks to the almighty God. I graduated high school and started college, I have a job and so many other things. I don't plan on changing my self next year. I just plan on improving myself. No sense of changing who you are every year. I plan on getting a closer and better relationship with God, doing good in school, keeping up with my health, (hair, exercising eating healthier,learning more thing and keeping my skin healthy and smooth.) Saving up money for a car being a better friend,daughter and student. Last but not least blogging even more. I keep slacking on my blog. Sorry for that but I will try my best to keep my blog updated. I hope this new upcoming year is a year full of blessing. I know I will go through some struggles but God has a plan for me. If I continue to put my faith in him I will do just fine.

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