Friday, September 4, 2009

Poem written by me. Purple Monroe.

I wrote this poem last Sunday at church i was kinda bored so I wrote something from the heart. This is how i feel most of the time. By this poem it is obvious that I am single & i am tired of begin single. I don't have a title yet. still think of what it should be. Tell me what you think. I am no professional.

Why am I lonely?
Why am I single?
Am I afraid to love?
Or is he afraid to love me?
Is he looking for me?
Or am I looking for him?
Is he going to find me?
Or am I going to find him?
Will he be a stranger?
Or will he be a friend?
Will I fall for him first?
Or will he fall for me first?
Will he have each other forever?
Or will it end.

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