Monday, September 28, 2009


So what is the point of killing innocent people. I never understood why people kill other people without a reason. What did he or she do to you. I was watch this video on Worldstarhiphop and this young boy was beaten not by one person but beaten by about 4 or 5 people. To make it short they killed him. They killed him ruthlessly and without any remorse. The boy who was killed name is Derrion Albert he was a 16 year old honor student. I understand that people die everyday but is this a way to die. Beaten on the street with a wooden board? When I saw the video it was too much for me to bear. A family just lost someone precious to them & he is never coming back. I will pray for this family. What has this world come too? Come on people killing doesn't get you no where but prison & hell. STOP THE VIOLENCE. & If you wanna kill people so bad join the army.

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