Monday, September 14, 2009


If you haven't watch the VMA'S or haven't heard of what happened you nee to WAKE UP & TURN ON ON THE TV. But before I talk about the craziness I have to say that I LOVED when Madonna came out & talked about Michael Jackson. I cried a little bit. She was 100% right on how we forgot about him & just let him slip through the cracks. Damn I miss Micheal. When he died people finally realized that HE WAS THE BEST DAMN SINGER & DANCER THAT EVER WALKED ON THIS PLANET. BUT HE IS GONE. SOMEWHERE ELSE SOME WHERE BETTER & MORE PEACEFUL, SOMEWHERE CALLED HEAVEN. Janet KILLED IT. I LOVE THE PREFORMANCE. THE BEST TRIBUTE YET. Next Kanye West was dead wrong for what he did to Taylor Swift.(what happened to the old Kanye??) I was her time to shine. I loved that song. But it wasn't the best female video. But it was sweet and cute lil video. But good for her. Now when Beyonce won her award for best video & then she called Taylor Swift to come on stage I was like WOWWW that was so nice & classy of her. I thought Lady Gag outfit were all CRAZY & UGLY. But hey that her style can't hate on that. Her performance was good to me but she should have singed another song. I LOVE PINK performance. Beyonce was Okay. Put a ring on it is played out. She should have preformed another song. Lil Mama needs to sit her ass down. MTV NEED TO HIRE BETTER SECURITY GUARDS. LOL

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